Cairns Bus Charters

24 Hour Backup

Cairns Bus Charters offers a 24-hour vehicle back-up service for all organisations requiring temporary replacement vehicles for any reason. If your organisation has experienced vehicle loss or damage, contact our staff, 24-hours a day, for the immediate provision of a replacement vehicle to ensure your operations can continue and your customers are satisfied in the event of any unforseen occurrence. We also have experienced and certified drivers on standby 24-hours a day that can not only deliver our vehicles to any location but also safely transport you and your group to your required destination.

  • 24-hour call centre
  • 24-hour standby drivers
  • No last-minute booking fees or charges
  • Priority service
  • Premium customer service
  • Large fleet selection

Our friendly staff are on stand-by to take your call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, to ensure that all of your last minute transport arrangements are not only met promptly, but that you and your customers’ expectations are exceeded.

We are one of the only bus companies that offer these services, and as a result, numerous transport and tourism companies currently rely on our 24-hour vehicle backup service as their “free insurance policy” to ensure business continuity in the face of unexpected occurrences.We have an impeccable reputation for providing seamless transport solutions in relation to all manner of issues, from breakdowns, last minute bookings, and unexpected customers numbers, to transit delays and cancellations by all modes (road, rail, air and water).