Cairns Bus Charters


Cairns Bus Charters operates out of the largest and most modern depots in the region, with the closest proximity to the Cairns CBD. The facility is completely secured with a fenced, double-gate entry. It also includes double undercover wash bays, large easy access parking stalls and onsite mechanical service. Cairns Bus Charters Workshop is fully equipped with all the latest tools and equipment and highly trained mechanical staff. While our first love will always be buses and coaches, we can carry out extensive mechanical repairs of a wide variety of vehicles including trucks, machinery, 4WD's, utes, cars and fleet vehicles. It is no surprise that many companies have already made the logical move to have their vehicles serviced by us.


Our fully equipped and conveniently located workshop facility provides a comprehensive range of vehicle repairs and maintenance services, supervised and managed by a qualied mechanic with a shared commitment to safety and value. Certified diesel fitters and mechanics maintain our fleet to the highest standards using the most current technology and processes. Together we have more than 35 years of combined mechanical experience. Being a certified approved inspection station, we are authorised to issue Roadworthy Certificates and rectify faults issued by Department Of Transport inspectors. Utilising both preventative and scheduled maintenance in our own fleet, plus we also service and rectify faults of many other company buses and coaches.

Cleaning Service

The cleaning staff are experts in detailing interiors and exteriors of vehicles, including rubbish removal, window smears, mopping, and seat belt realignment.

Zero Down Time

With a large and varied fleet we can provide a vehicle for you to continue your operations while yours is in the workshop. We offer a seamless vehicle exchange system for either the entire period or just a portion of the servicing time.

 Cairns Bus Charters service and mechanical provides a complete range of maintenance-related services to the passenger transport industry including:

  • Approved Inspection Station - Approval Number 10589
  • Basic Auto Electrical
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Specialist bus maintenance
  • Logbook and fleet servicing
  • Vehicle detailing and cleaning
  • Clutch repairs and maintenance
  • Steering and suspension repairs
  • Brake repairs and disc machining
  • Gearboxes repairs and maintenance
  • Trailer maintenance and inspections
  • Roadworthy inspections and certificates
  • Diesel mechanics for light and heavy vehicles
  • Department of Transport Inspection preparation
  • Rectify faults issued by Department Of Transport
  • Major component overhaul, engines, gearbox and diffs
  • Component rebuilds for engines and other drive train components
  • Repairs and modifications to trailers, truck bodies and general equipment
  • Courtesy pick-up and delivery for driver and vehicle changeover purposes
  • Regular/scheduled servicing for buses, trucks, machinery, 4WD's, and cars

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